Launching agile monocle

A minimum viable newsletter about agile as a lens and not as a hammer.

It started a while ago, by being asked a few times to translate some of my articles in English, and I've always refused: not for the lack of (improvable) skills or time, but from an audience perspective it didn't make sense.

Most of the people I know are Italians and, to be honest, Italians living in Italy — the majority of my audience up until now — are not known for their impeccable English (no offense + you know who you are).

The pandemic made me change perspective on many things, and, among them,

  1. the extreme importance and “weight” that writing has for my job and

  2. the widening of my potential reach due to working remotely

So I felt the need to write more, better, and in English.

Sure thing, there are a lot of brilliant people out there writing in English so the decision of abandoning my mother tongue feels like the prototypical "big fish/small pond vs. small fish/ocean" situation.

I also believe in the value of experiments so this is it: a writing experiment. For me writing is thinking and so I hope to improve both my writing and my thinking along the way.

It will be a newsletter, a format that I’m familiar with before it was cool.

I'll be dropping this newsletter in "seasons" of seven weekly "episodes" each. Episodes will be out every Monday morning. I’ll keep it short and sweet and, hopefully, interesting.

The name of the newsletter wasn’t meant to be “agile monocle”, but I changed while writing this very article, and it spun ideas about the format and tone of voice. The monocle emoji is because I couldn’t find royalty free images about monocles, and, incidentally, using emoji makes me feel younger.

Be prepared for things changing along the way but, in the meantime, the first season of seven episodes is on its way. After that I’ll see if and how to “renew” it for a second season.

During the past few months I've been keeping tabs on what I read and I created an ongoing and structured collection of articles, videos, podcasts, workshops, exercises that I'd like to share with you on a weekly basis.

It will be about "agile", without the capital "A", so the links and thoughts I will share will be about agile in a much broader sense than we are used to — or, at least, I hope so.

I will frequently delve into collateral, accessory topics, like the role of the consultant or how to wrangle data science projects.

Without further ado, you can subscribe here below: the first episode will be out on Monday, September 14th.

In the meantime, tell your friends!

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